Our Mission is to help Canadian Landscaping Companies Grow Their Revenues and Maximize Their Profits & Impact

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Key Takeaways

  1. Google My Business is essential for landscaping companies
  2. Google My Business is even more important if you operate in a distinct region and are a service-based business
  3. Today, Google is the #1 place where customers find businesses
  4. Google My Business is integrated with, and allows you to show up on, the coveted Google Map Pack
  5. Google My Business is likely the first point of contact for your business, brand, and reputation online


Why do we do what we do?

This is the question that every company should ask themselves.

If the only answer you have is to “make money” then that’s pretty uninspiring and can be downright deflating to the rest of your team. 

You do have to earn revenue, of course, but what is the bigger picture? 

What is the bigger mission? 

Our mission is to help Canadian landscaping companies succeed.

More specifically…

Our mission is to help 100 Canadian landscaping companies grow their revenues, and maximize their profits, and impact. 

We’ve intentionally decided to focus on these 3 areas, rather than making a blanket statement such as “double your revenues” because we recognize that every landscaping business is unique. Some companies need to improve recruitment and staffing before they can grow. Others need to work on profitability before turning to revenues. 

“Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity’ 

This is a phrase Sam Bauman, president and founder of Earthscapes Landscapes, has repeatedly mentioned on our monthly coaching calls with his company. 

Earthscape is a company we work with in Ontario that we’ve helped grow to a $10 million annual revenue company. Click here to see how.

We love this expression and it’s simply good sense.

More revenues doesn’t always mean a better business. 

It could mean more headaches and more debt if not grown strategically in the right way.

More revenue growth does make sense, if grown concurrently with more profit in the right services and the right service areas for your company.

That’s why our primary role is to help you grow revenues strategically in services and areas that are most profitable and based on your bigger mission or purpose.

This, in turn, helps you make a bigger impact on your community, clients, and staff. 


We’re passionate about helping Canadian companies grow. In the right way and in a way that has a sound and fiscally responsible strategy, plan, and budget for sustainable growth. 

To learn more about our concise yet comprehensive consultation to reverse engineer your digital marketing strategy, read this article. 


Why Canadian companies?

We’re focused on helping Canadian companies because we are Canadian. 

We’re powered by our parent company, North Shore Digital, based in North Vancouver, BC. We get the culture, we love the people, and we’re passionate about contributing to a thriving economy in Canada alongside companies making a positive impact on their communities.

We know there are opportunities south of the border but our mission is Canadian.

The true North strong and free.


Why landscaping?

Landscaping is an industry that affects our quality of life. 

Our gardens and outdoor living spaces affect how we think about nature and the environment. 

It is also an industry that constantly has to adapt to environmental and socio-economic changes. 

Climate change and sustainability are long term factors that have to be considered in all landscape design, installation, and maintenance work. 

This is one of the main reasons we love working with Romex Canada

They are a ‘do it once, do it right’ company where decarbonization, sustainability, and stormwater management are at the forefront of their technology and why they are installed on the best commercial and residential projects. 

We love working with landscaping company owners. 

You are busy and have very little time but you are passionate and focused on what’s right for your business and staff. You have a huge impact. 

The companies we work with give back to their community through food and garden projects and volunteer to clear out old shrubs and help keep areas tidy.

Landscaping companies represent the get-up-and-go drive that we need for Canada to thrive as a close-knit society where everybody can help out. 

You employ so many people. 

It’s great to have such a positive impact and help people lead healthier, more active lives connected to the outdoors.

To recap… This is us…



We help Canadian landscaping companies grow their revenues, profits, and impact.

We are currently accepting new clients in our national landscaper marketing program. To be fair and equitable to our clients, we work with a maximum of one landscaping company in each federal district. 

We can work with more than one landscaping company per federal district only if services do not come into conflict. For example, it is not a conflict to work with a landscape design company and a different landscape maintenance company in the same district, provided they don’t offer the other service.  

Contact us to create your digital marketing strategy that will lead to success with your growth goals and revenue targets.

Partner with us to be the exclusive landscaping company we grow in your district.

Make a bigger impact on your community, grow your business, and be the landscaping company owner you’ve always wanted to be. 

Join our mission. 

We look forward to working with you and bringing you bigger impact and success. 


Our Landscaper Marketing Team

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Our team of landscaping content marketing experts can create digital marketing assets that will make you shine online. And, our backend advertising wizards know how to leverage these assets in the most efficient way possible. So, if you’re looking for a complete solution to help you achieve your objectives, look no further than Landscaper Marketing.

Landscaper Marketing Team


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