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Romex North America

How we helped ROMEX become an online leader in North America


8,318 website conversions in 2 years (calls, forms, find a store clicks, downloads)

5 pages PER VISIT

5 pages visited on average per session


5,869 new monthly website users (increased from 500 in 2018)


$15 average cost per call from Google Ads retargeting


1,349% increase in website traffic from all devices since 2018

25 Keywords

25 industry keywords in the top 1-3 of Google Canada nationwide

The Facts


The world’s most resilient permeable hardscapes

ROMEX North America is the exclusive supplier of the German-engineered ROMEX hardscape solutions product line throughout Canada and provides not only the products, but also expert advice and planning, estimates, installer training, and world-class follow-up and customer service.

CTO & Co-Founder: Tom Kirk

Working with North Shore Digital since 2018

Phone Number


Supplier, installer and consultant for ROMEX permeable paving and jointing, gravel binding

Service Areas

Canada and USA

COO & Co-Founder of ROMEX North Amercia


COO & Co-Founder of ROMEX North Amercia

“North Shore Digital’s constant support and timely service is something I would recommend to any business or website owner.”


In 2018 Andrew worked closely with the co-founders of ROMEX Canada to build a separate website that showcased the products, projects and reasons to choose ROMEX over other products. Before the launch of this website, Romex Canada was just a duplication of the limited global site. 

As ROMEX Canada has grown and ventured more into other parts of Canada with a big presence in Ontario as well as the formation of ROMEX North America with the rights to the US market, the partnership with North Shore Digital has grown, too. 



Build three independent but interlinked websites: one for the corporate entity of ROMEX North America, and then two national sites for Canada and the US in order to rank locally for their main keywords 


Build useful educational content on all websites that showcase why ROMEX is better than other competitors even though it is a relative newcomer in the market and offers a different way of doing things


Implement different advertising campaigns that really help the content reach a wider audience through YouTube ads that grow the ROMEX YouTube channel and display ads that help retarget visitors to the website

The Transformation

ROMEX Canada has transformed from a young start-up to a global player in scope and size as now they have become the exclusive installer and supplier for USA and Canada as ROMEX North America.

This transformation has been underpinned by ROMEX’s digital strategy and content that informs, educates and helps its target audience buy and use their products and services. 

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