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The Landscaper Marketing Webinar Series

We are North Shore Digital.

Welcome to the Landscaper Marketing Machine Webinar Series.

Our mission is to help 100 Canadian landscaping companies grow their revenues, profits and impact.

Part of this mission is to help educate and inform landscaping owners and marketing professionals about the most effective digital marketing strategies and tactics.

To add value and reach more people, we have created a series of webinars with special expert guests from our team, partners and other organizations.

It will also be available to watch as a YouTube series and listen to as a podcast.

Landscaper Marketing Team Members
Upcoming Webinars
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Founder & C.E.O.North Shore Digital
Andrew Jackson
Founder & C.E.O.
North Shore Digital

About the Host

Andrew Jackson is the CEO and Founder of North Shore Digital who have been working with landscaping companies since 2019 and having great success.

They’ve helped the Great Canadian Landscaping Company develop a best-in-class website that is a lead generation monster. In peak months, they can attribute over one million dollars worth of business arriving through the website.

They also recently helped Earthscape Landscapes increase from an $8 million to a $10 million annual revenue company. In the first 6 months of working with them, over $1.5 million of revenues were directly attributed to Google paid and organic campaigns utilizing Google search ads, SEO and Google My Business.

Andrew lives in North Vancouver with his wife and three daughters. He is originally from Winterfell the North of England so excuse his funny accent. He loves Canada and is so grateful to live and work here. He is passionate about growing Canadian businesses and helping landscaping companies use the power of digital marketing to grow revenues, profits and impact.

Andrew has previously worked for the University of British Columbia where he helped write and research three online digital marketing courses. He was also lead instructor at Brainstation, the global leader in digital marketing courses. He taught digital marketing, search engine marketing and google analytics courses

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