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What to Spend on Marketing in 2023

Wednesday 18th January, 2023
10am (PST) / 1pm (ET)
What: ‘How Much Should You Spend On Marketing For Your Landscaping Company in 2023'
Who: Andrew Jackson & Ira Thomson
Target Audience: Landscaping Company Owners, CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Professionals

About the Guest Speaker – Ira Thomson

Ira Thomson is the Director of Product at North Shore Digital. His role entails aligning the marketing and business challenges landscapers face with the latest tools, technologies and developments in marketing and digital technology.

Ira also oversees our landscaper marketing reporting which connects marketing spend to campaign performance.

Here is Ira’s bio: Grew up in northern BC and moved to the small gulf island of Texada. Moved to Vancouver to study Economics and Psychology at UBC. Developed a passion for digital marketing 15 years ago while operating his own tour company in Vancouver and continued his career in marketing working for a market research firm, SaaS startup and independent school in Vancouver.

Details About Episode – ‘What to spend on marketing in 2023’

One of the most difficult, and often confusing, questions that landscaping companies ask is, “how much do I need to spend on marketing?”

This can be a particularly difficult question to answer given the current economic climate as well as the seasonal fluctuations and logistical challenges landscaping companies face. 

To make matters worse, oftentimes the marketing “experts” have scant experience working specifically with landscaping or even home services businesses or they’re generalist agencies that have a flat or set fee for every one of their prospective clients. No matter their size, goals, services, history or area.

In this webinar, we’ll be chatting to Ira about the process we take landscapers through to help calculate their marketing spend by reverse engineering from their growth goals as well as carefully factoring in all the inputs mentioned earlier.

Here are the learning objectives for the webinar:

  1. An understanding of how and why to reverse engineer your marketing spend
  2. An understanding of how to factor in internal and logistical variables to your marketing spend
  3. An understanding of how external factors such as the labour market affect your sales and marketing spend

We will also open up for discussion and Q&A to the audience at the end.

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