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How we helped the Great Canadian Landscaping Company Grow Revenues from Online Sources to a Million per Month.

Standout Results

From working with the Great Canadian Landscaping Company for over 2 years
Revenues through website in peak months
Total number of inquiries since February 2020
Increase in number of website leads since February 2020
Average number of inquiries per month
Average cost-per-lead from Google Ads (over 28 month period)
Increase in website traffic from all devices since February 2020

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Key Information

Chris O’Donohue, President & Founder, at the Great Canadian and Andrew Jackson, CEO & Founder of North Shore Digital & Landscaper Marketing, have been working together since February 2020.

We have helped grow the Great Canadian Landscaping’s website into a revenue generating asset that brings in over $1 million per month in peak months and typically 150-200 inquiries per month.

We now help Chris with over 12 different websites and various ventures to grow his business online through effective lead generation, search engine marketing, website marketing, social media and content marketing.

We built the Great Canadian Landscaping website for their 20th anniversary, which was launched on Canada Day (July 1st, 2020).

“Andrew and his team truly understand all things digital. Whether it be your website, Google Ads or digital marketing, they can assist you. We have been working with them since mid 2019 and they have provided proven results. Thanks again for all you do.”

President & Founder of Great Canadian Landscaping
Chris O'Donohue
President & Founder of Great Canadian Landscaping

A Message From Chris O’Donohue

My name is Chris O’Donohue and I’m the President and Founder of the Great Canadian Landscaping Company.

We’ve been serving the North Shore, Vancouver, and Sea to Sky Corridor since 2000.

We provide design, installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients.

Online marketing is really important to our business because it drives clients to us.

Being in the top 10 of Google is really important. Something that North Shore Digital really works hard to achieve.

For our 20th anniversary, we hired North Shore Digital to rebrand our website and make it way more functional and really improve the look and feel, and how our clients react with that.

Since that change, it’s done wonders for our business.

On average, we’ve been getting over a hundred leads per month, which is absolutely phenomenal for our business.

On top of that, they’ve been able to reduce our cost per lead from about $100 to around $20. This is huge when you’re trying to keep your marketing spend to a minimum.

Working with Andrew and his team at North Shore Digital is a lot of fun.

They love what they do, they’re passionate about the service they offer, and they’re local. They care.

They want to see you succeed and they want to see your website and your business turn into something better than it was when you started with them.

That’s their goal. Take care of you.

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